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While it is better to replace your old worn out shocks with standard replacement shocks than not replace them at all, you can get better performance from most aftermarket Heavy Duty replacement shocks and experience driving a better controlled vehicle and in many cases for a similar or even cheaper price, as well.

Most of the shocks we recommend and sell are a bigger bore item with larger hydraulic fluid capacity and larger outer casings than the original standard replacement shocks and will run much cooler for much longer as a result and therefore give better dampening of the springs and better control

Most original replacement shocks only have internal bores / piston diameters of between 20-30mm. All of our recommended shocks have from 36mm 40mm 45mm 46mm and 53mm internal bore diameters. Some may also have 35mm bore on certain vehicle applications.

We try to offer you the absolute best value for your dollar with great products at excellent prices Australia wide!

If you do not see shocks listed for your vehicle as yet, then please give us a call and we will be able to assist you as we have much more product in stock than is currently listed on our website. Or, if you have a special request, we will try to meet that demand for you!

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