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LOVELLS SPRINGS & SUSPENSION – AN AUSSIE ICON in the suspension industry!

Lovells Springs founder George Lovell, began his own company with his three sons in Sydney way back in 1930. George and his sons manufactured their own spring making equipment including furnaces and forming equipment and as a result of hard work, Australian ingenuity and determination the business flourished. Lovells Springs & Suspension has long since cemented their reputation as a world leader, manufacturer and supplier of premium quality springs, shocks and suspension components to suit a broad range of applications for automotive, 4x4, agriculture, mining and Aussie railway industries.
Lovells Springs & Suspension is now in its 79th year of business as a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality springs, shocks and suspension components. The company, has built an enviable reputation worldwide as a specialist Australian manufacturer to bring you a range of suspension products that offer you “The Ride of your Life”


The Lovells Series II Gas Legend Twin-Tube Gas Charged shock absorbers have been introduced to replace the original Series I shocks and introduce an even higher quality and level of performance than most other shocks offered within $200.00-$250.00 per set of 4, of this product’s price position.

The new Series II Gas Shocks now have a 36mm bore and huge 60mm expanded body design which provides up to twice the oil capacity of Original Equipment shock absorbers to maximise fade resistance, run cooler and allow faster reaction time to road changes. A Teflon banded steel piston greatly reduces heat build-up within the shock and a Nylon mechanical top-out stop protects the top seal for extra durability. The Piston retainer nut is mechanically peened to stop any possible failure at high temperatures. Aussie engineered, Multi stage valving systems allow a progressive dampening effect from slow to fast piston velocity thus automatically adjusting to all road and track conditions. Piston Rods/Shafts are manufactured from tough 18mm hardened, chromed steel and are precisely engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, while reducing friction and wear. Piston rod seals are high quality, high temperature multi-lip design to again reduce friction and provide longer life. Robust 2mm thick external tube walls and 2mm thick internal walls offer extra durability in the harshest, rocky conditions. Gas charged with low pressure nitrogen gas to maximise fade resistance under extreme conditions without ride harshness while providing a more responsive control. All eyes and pin mounts are fully welded for extra strength and longer life.

The majority of the range are Long Travel Designs to allow fitment with all Lovells spring part numbers and ensures maximum wheel contact at all times.

We offer a full 3 year / 70,000km warranty on all the Lovells Gas Legend Series II Shock Absorbers we sell.

In over 20 years in the 4WD & Suspension industry, selling just about every brand in that time, we have found the performance, ride and durability of these shocks to be the best value for money shock absorber that we have ever sold in the mid priced shock absorber range and are confident that they will suit 85-90% of our customers

The Lovells Gas Legend range includes the most common type Telescopic shocks, the new Coil-Over shocks of later model IFS coil spring designs and a range of complete replacement Strut type shock absorbers for many popular 4WDs and AWD vehicles.


  • A large 36mm Big-Bore Twin tube design – across the entire shock range

  • 18mm Hardened Chrome plated piston rod

  • 60mm Outer tube / body casing (where vehicle space / design permits)

  • Teflon banded Steel piston – to greatly reduce heat build-up

  • High temperature fluid

  • High quality Multi-Lip seals

  • Low pressure Nitrogen Gas Charged

  • Internal mechanical top-out stops

  • Aussie engineered, multi-stage, velocity sensitive valving

  • Additional supplementry welds on all studs and eye ring mounts

  • 2mm wall thickness on both the inner and outer Twin tubes

  • 3 YEAR / 70,000k WARRANTY !

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Some more Important Information on the LOVELLS GAS LEGEND Series II Shocks you may be interested in knowing:
In the more than 20 years that we have been selling 4WD Suspension products - we have sold many different brands of shock absorbers for all types of vehicles while working for different organisations.

Brands like: Old Man Emu, Ultimate, Rancho, Series 2000, XGS, Cofap, Pedders, EFS Enforcer, EFS Elite, Sachs, Boge, Monroe, Dobinson, Desert Fox, Raw 4X4, KYB, Tokico, Bilstein and Koni along with a number of others over that time and in our opinion, we can honestly say that the ‘LOVELLS GAS LEGEND SERIES II SHOCKS’ offer the best value for money of any shock absorbers within the mid-ranged price bracket, to suit 85-90% of all on and off-road driving conditions and requirements.

In our opinion, the only better shocks you could buy would be the 46mm bore Bilstein mono-tube gas shocks, 84 or larger series Koni adjustable shocks or Tough Dog’s 40 & 45mm bore adjustable shocks that WILL COST AROUND TWICE THE PRICE (but will still wear out their internal componentry, anyway).

The other thing to consider is the difference in Warranty Periods offered by most other brands – most still only offer a 2 Year/40,000k warranty period. Some only offer 1 Year/20,000k, some even offer an inflated 3 Year/100,000k warranty period as a marketing ploy – a very big ask, indeed, if they expect the performance and control of their shocks to be anything like when fitted to your vehicle, when new.

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